Application Guidelines

First things first: Please make sure your child meets all eligibility requirements.

Families wishing to apply to Shanghai American School must meet the eligibility requirements set out by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SHMEC) for schools for children of foreign nationals. Eligibility to apply is dependent on the family’s passport, work and residence in Shanghai.

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Application Process


Please be aware that interviews are not requirements of the application process but may be requested to assist with an application review. Admissions decisions may be made without an interview if submitted application materials provide sufficient information. Note that an interview request is not a guarantee of admission.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information on the application process.

English Proficiency

Non-native English-speaking candidates may be given an English as an Additional Language (EAL) test to determine if EAL support is required. Limited spaces are available for such support.

The following guidelines will be used by the Admissions Committee to determine whether a student will be invited to take the EAL assessment:

  • The primary language spoken by the student
  • The language(s) spoken between parents and the student
  • The student’s educational background
  • The primary language of both parents



SAS believes that it is important for children to be placed in classes with their age peers, especially at Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) and lower elementary grade levels.

Students who apply from schools or educational systems with a different school calendar (like those commonly found in schools in Korea, Japan, Singapore or Australia) will be placed in the grade that they are currently attending if they are admitted at the start of the new school year. If they are accepted in January, they will be placed in the grade that they have just completed in their previous school.

All students must graduate from Grade 12 before their 20th birthday.

Admissions Update

Thank you for your interest in Shanghai American School.  Although the admission season for the 22/23 school year remains open, seating is very limited across all grade levels on both campuses.

If you would like additional information on seat availability, please fill out this form and one of our Admissions Officers will get back to you soon.

Apply to SAS Once you’ve ensured that your child is eligible to apply, you can begin your application any time.